Monday, October 25, 2010

hey everyone from the 'radical' scene who was ever remotely sympathetic to me

but couldn't actually bring yourselves to stand up for me in any measurable way.

how would you feel about me posting your names and email addresses here so you can be 'accountable' to the sadistic, self-righteous, spoiled-brat bourgeois stalinist UCSC hipsters that some of you find so reasonable, that you can say, in proper newspeak, that they committed lynch mob violence, kidnapping and attempted torture in honor of their own agendas and it was "protective measures"?

yeah, what? you think i am happy being the only one on the hook here? why don't you step forward. i will post your names, email addresses, possibly phone numbers and what you said to me here unless you convince me why i shouldn't. then i won't be so alone. then you will have to deal with kommissars olivia rudolph, kyle thomas, angela yonker and all their little followers. you will be accounted for.

maybe you will grow half a brain, age past your early twenties and get past this stupid little self-delusional scene of middle class humanities-major brats addicted to their personal little thrill of feeling like the most moral people around.

i guess you all know how to get in touch with me.

also, read the post below, please.