Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About David Benterou

yep, he was the interlocutor in the last emails posted here (2 posts below).

he was the one who wrote a number of the email texts quoted earlier, such as the one where he described angela yonker's partner kyle thomas as an abusive personality and fantasized about cutting his bike tires.

here's the last thing i had to say to him or to any of you all, and i would add the note: fuck you all, grow up, i don't want anything to do with any of you, period, because you are hypocritical, self-righteous liars.

you know i think it's just plain funny, you think i should be glad i didn't get charged legally by angela yonker who had no point to make and no proof to offer (other words why wasn't there a public discussion of this point?), while it's a point against me and k that there was a threat to call the cops. as if i'm to be held responsible, in other, more fashionable words, "accountable", for something i never did, while those who actually did something (assault, kidnapping and attempted torture) are to be excused prima facie. it's almost as if - excuse me for making this incredible revelation, based on your last emails - but it's almost as if you take RHETORIC more seriously than you take REALITY!

of course, you thought i should make a public apology and account myself to the tender mercies of the "radical community". as if i didn't try that already and as if we didn't both know what happened to me then! it's funny, again, how your facility with rhetoric renders what ACTUALLY HAPPENED into nonexistence, and what never happened, into some semblance of existence.

i know you're a big believer in self-defense and "radical women's totally justified self-protective maneuvers", well, good luck defending yourself when olivia and her followers know what you said about them!!

have fun with existing in a mental fog, maybe it's the only place you'll be able to exist if they beat you senseless.

you don't get it do you? i'm not one of you anymore. i am only looking out for me. with friends like you, who fucking needs friends?

david benterou's email is peterfuckingpan@riseup.net