Thursday, September 30, 2010

a clarification

i have this friend, female, very working class, non-hetero, very interested in anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist ideas (particularly those to which i myself have been most partial in the past 2 years: tiqqun, dupont, perlman...). she has no interest, however, in getting involved with the radical milieu. without middle-class illusions of do-gooderism it's just that much easier for her to see it as the three-ring bullshit circus of self-serving rich kid guilt and histrionics.

a clarification indeed, that there was never anything behind it but invective, fabrications, and raw political ambition (of both the hard-headed 3rd-year marxist variety as well as the empty-headed liberal suburban do-gooder pseudo-anarchist variety); the hollowest of rhetorical devices employed by the same kind of people - leftist politicians - who will say and do absolutely anything for power. who speak of accountability while hiding their faces, who speak of community but abhor any in which they are not the police.

fencewalker - a term from the subculture of skinheads (didn't your cultural studies professors teach you to look up these etymologies?), a fitting shibboleth for a bunch of disgusting little fascists trying to portray themselves as any other kind of -ists. politics is politics, no matter on what scale. skinheads, like black blockers, like police, like leftist politicians calling themselves "radical women", can employ the device of uniform to create a collective anonymity which is by no means required to be liberatory.

to my friends and 'sympathizers', please stop drawing my attention to this sort of thing. a final clarification: i have nothing new to say about it, as the fascists in question have recently clarified that they don't either. please, the rhetoric reminds of listening to alanis morisette in 1992, when most of these little shits were being born, silver spoon and all.

besides, like my friend, i have no interest in anyone's fake-ass utopias or delusions of moral grandeur. like them, all i really have is a threat. but it's a promise: i have a 'shoot first, ask questions later' policy now. if anyone fucks with me, if anyone crosses my path who has been associated with this, they will get seriously fucked up. my available means of defending myself, and destroying you, are never far from my mind, or my hands. please rest assured that the trauma you have inflicted on me has made me certain to spare no effort and no expense making sure that should something happen again, i will be ready, i will not hesitate, i will fucking ruin you punk ass humanities majors and lifestyle rebels.

you should be proud at least of having made me this, since you have nothing else to be proud of.

and the rest of you, why don't you believe me? ties to your local authoritarian identity politicians and the 'anarchist' gossip mill to be honored first? maybe you think that the first time you called yourself that you became impervious to any authoritarian ruse? you want to believe that it happened in 1938 but it can't happen now. wake the fuck up, it is happening, you are not an anarchist and neither am i but at least i can admit it now. all we can ever be, do or dream is still just the shit of the millennia of this corrupt world. the profound entanglement of 'anti-authoritarians' with those who are explicitly our worst enemies is proof of this, if nothing else is.

people who think they know how to fix the world are just as bad as anyone else, only worse because they're more deluded, arrogant and hypocritical. the world is unfixable and you are a pretentious brat who deserves only the worst.

that is all.