Sunday, August 15, 2010

p.s. to the p.m.

"with friends like you, who needs friends?" -rushmore

an extra-special 'fuck you; die' to my former housemates, not simply for backstabbing me in the most machiavellian way possible, but for expressing their heroic and radical anti-sexism by referring to my partner as 'that slut'. to you and the rest of the lynch mob, i wish every day that i could make you suffer a thousandfold what you have put us through already. it literally sickens me that you walk unharmed through the streets of your seaside idyll, exalting in the nobility of your dance party protests about the humanities department of your university.

"this isn't about politics, this is about you." oh, really? that would be a lot more believable if it wasn't coming from people who are involved in a very specific kind of politics whose ideas and methods prescribe the building of power structures on the basis of isms, identities and oppressions (see perlman's 'on the continuing appeal of nationalism' for a more in-depth analysis of this type of politics). or who objected so strenuously to the critique of identity politics and leftist recuperation, sometimes in fact of their very actions, which has appeared in this blog. in their mobilization of terroristic violence in the name of judgment and punishment, and conveniently in the service of a political purge, they have re-created the state in miniature. a police state which, just like the larger one, must seek out 'perpetrators' to punish in order to legitimize itself. this should have come as no surprise to anyone, least of all me, considering this is exactly what they openly intended from the beginning. and from the beginning i had concerns about being involved with such people; clearly not enough so.

speaking of which i would like to clarify something else; which is that while i do intend to maintain my distance from the anarchist movement (and, again, from all political movements), the anarchists i knew in santa cruz were by and large decent and reasonably intelligent people (although frequently possessed by a naive idealism) who had very little to do with any of these socialist scumbags. so i'm not talking about them. a number of 'anarchists' in the bay though had shown themselves to be little but a different breed of little lenins, so fuck them too.

anyway i suppose it's fitting that it would take an anti-authoritarian descendant of polish jews to point out that 1939 never ended, that left and right, bolsheviks and fascists, are nothing but two sides of the same despicable, authoritarian coin. you are not at all better, less capitalist, less sexist or less cop-like than the rest of this society - only more self-deluded.

let me say this as clearly as possible - since it's really the point - that although i cannot possibly inflict on you what you deserve (nor do i wish to be like you so that i might): provoke me again, fuck with those i love, even though it's manifestly no longer in your interest to do so (you can clearly find other targets, and probably already have; why not?) - but let me be clear, i can and will make things end badly for you as well. i know who you are, i know what you did, and so do you. let's leave it at that.

once again: fuck you, die.

and to everyone else who sat it out but hasn't had a damn thing to say to me since, fuck you for not really being my friends. 'we are your friends'? 'all friendship is political'? you hypocritical pieces of shit don't know the meaning of the word.