Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"an attempt to politicize" - this was a political assassination all along, just ask olivia egan-rudolph, the ringleader who has always said the word "anarchists" as though she were talking about feces.

"antipatriarchal jargon" to cover fucked up shit? i guess you're the experts. it is amazing, and appalling, how easily radicals can get away with calling for solidarities of race, gender etc without being called racist, sexist etc only adding maybe a dash of anti-somethingism. as if bigotry were a question of context and not an inherent logic. this is the rhetoric of zionism, of statist-feminism (well in this case it really is) and all other postmodern fascisms.

inflicting trauma is a "new form of accountability"? i guess your ignorance is as vast as your arrogance or maybe you'd recall that "an eye for an eye" is a line from the bible, that foundational text of patriarchy as we know it.

you are disgusting cowards and liars to boot. you worship violence and power like the cops you would love to be. you are not against the world, you are its foot soldiers.

while we're having this mature chat about accountability and playing name games, here are the names of a few people who participated in this. a few calculating organizers and a few more naive followers, i guess, isn't that always the way it is? anyway, bold young activists, secret judges, masked torturers who attack the defenseless in packs of ten, and gloat about it anonymously on the internet later, stand up and be counted for your bravery!

olivia egan-rudolph
angela yonker
kyle thomas
katie woolsey
katy tosh
kelli schall
kelsey berg

you are fascists. this is not a figurative statement and it is not annulled by your presumptive "anti-capitalism" (have we forgotten already what nazi is an acronym for or how mussolini got started?). you act like fascists, you are fascists. i know i'm not the only one who's been silenced or terrorized in this. have fun ruling the roost of the decomposing corpse of a worthless movement that was never going far anyway.