Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"The long sufferings under the Tsars were used in the same way and for the same purpose as the scalpings of white women and children had been used by Americans; they were used to organize people into fighting units, into embryos of the national army and the national police." -fredy perlman, on the continuing appeal of nationalism

the unavoidable conclusion: that anyone who has a "solution", who wants to "make the world a better place", is almost guaranteed to make it worse. the point is not to save the world, let it die. take it off the endless gratuitous life-support of our 'goodwill' which should be revealed for what it is: our addiction to present conditions, our inability to function outside its fundamental framework. hence the endless lists of plans for improvement which constitute the jurisidictional blueprints of so many vigilante, provisional forces controlling every breach like antibodies of domination. hence the inverse "slave" morality as a homeopathy for the possibility of amoral disorder; it provides the guns and badges from behind which the auxiliaries will reach even those that the state can't; and all the visionaries filling suggestion boxes with ideas on how to prolong the catastrophe of the economy [how to clean up the oil spill, etc]

this altruism, which appears even more special alongside the general evacuation of public social life, is nothing more than building the new world of domination inside the shell of the old. we have nothing to contribute to the world-historical pattern, nothing but whatever foot-dragging we can infect our structural roles with while holding onto whatever bit of sanity we can. a conscious force? please, all armies are the same. a community? what can we share but our own inhumanity? not much. ideological communities are probably the worst, the most plastic in terms of mystifying acts and even the link between act and thought [ie, the link "we are all humanities majors, at university, from suburban so cal", etc]. the secret motor, or at least the grease in the motors of fanaticism all through history: the history made always in this name of "bettering the world".

As a postscript I'd like to answer a question before it is asked. The question is: "Don't you think a descendant of oppressed people is better off as a supermarket manager or police chief?" My answer is another question: What concentration camp manager, national executioner or torturer is not a descendant of oppressed people? -f.p.